Huge Hailstones Hop Off Ground Outside Parliament House in Canberra

Golf-ball sized hail was reported in areas across the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on Monday, January 20, with this video showing huge hailstones hopping off the ground outside Parliament House in Canberra.

The Bureau of Meteorology Australian Capital Territory reported a “116 kmh wind gust at Canberra Airport,” and large hailstones across the city.

Imtoual told Storyful, “On the day that the ACT Emergency Services Agency finally downgraded Canberra’s state of alert for bushfires, this hailstorm blew through.”

Authorities reported a “record number of calls for help” as a result of the storm.

“The hailstones were golf-ball sized and stripped the leaves off the trees as they fell,” Imtoual also told Storyful. “You can see the force of the stones hitting the water of the ornamental pond.” Credit: Fattimah Imtoual via Storyful