Huge Hailstones Smash Car’s Windshield in Canberra

After leaving his office to run an errand in Kingston, Canberra, Samuel Bator got caught up in a severe hailstorm on January 20.

Huge hailstones, which according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) were 4-5 cm in size, can be seen smashing through Bator’s windshield in the video, which was uploaded to Facebook.

The BOM also issued a severe thunderstorm warning on January 20, warning Canberra residents of “giant hail” coupled with “damaging, locally destructive” winds.

“Within seconds large hail started cracking the windscreen,” Bator told Storyful. “Much of the car suffered significant damage, including basically knocking the side mirrors off.” Credit: Samuel Bator via Storyful