Hundreds March in Taipei to Mark 71st Anniversary of 1947 Crackdown

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Taipei on Saturday, February 24, to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the 228 Incident, a 1947 uprising that led to a government crackdown.

This footage, livestreamed to the Facebook of Taipei politician Chien Yu-yen, shows marchers walking through Taipei’s streets, holding banners and signs drawing attention to the event’s historical importance.

According to reports from Taipei Times and Taiwan News, the demonstrators called out the names of people who died in the incident as they marched, and demanded that the current Taiwanese government do more to compensate the families of the victims and promote awareness of human rights.

The 228 Incident was a 1947 anti-government uprising that was suppressed by the ruling Kuomintang party and resulted in the death of an estimated 10,000 Taiwanese. Two years after the incident, Taiwan was officially placed under a period of martial law that was not lifted until 1987. Credit: Chien Yu-yen via Storyful