Joe Biden Says He Has 'Mixed Emotions' Following Kamala Harris' Departure From 2020 Race

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he had “mixed emotions” after Senator Kamala Harris announced she was suspending her presidential bid on December 3, but declined to say whether he would consider her as a running mate.

Biden, who was attending a campaign event in Mason City, Iowa, said: “She is a first rate intellect, first rate candidate, and a real competitor. I have mixed emotions about it because she is a solid person and loaded with talent.”

When asked by a reporter whether he would consider Harris as his running mate, Biden did not respond.

Annie Andersen, a CSPAN producer who shared the video on Twitter, said, “You can see the shock on Biden’s face.”

Harris informed staff on December 3 that she was ending her bid to become president because her campaign did not have the “financial resources” needed to continue.

Harris added: “But I want to be clear with you: I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for the People. All the people.” Credit: Annie Andersen/CSPAN via Storyful