'Keep the Faith': Aussie Man Welcomes Holy Friends Before Easter During Virus Lockdown

An Aussie man welcomed a collection of holy visitors into his home, ahead of Easter, on March 24.

James Andermahr self-recorded a video showing multiple religious statues – including Mary and one of the Three Wise Men – sitting around his dinner table in Springfield, South Australia.

“Apparently, the Pope has cancelled Easter, so these people got have nowhere to go. So I’ve let them in,” Andermahr says in the video.

“I’m not gonna leave until after Easter, I’ve got a house full of friends. How good is this?”

In a follow-up video, Andermahr says his friends are enjoying the time they’re spending in his house. The religious statues can be seen bathing in the sunshine, having fun in the pool and even mowing the grass.

“Life in quarantine is not too bad, now,” Andermahr says.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Australians to stay at home over the coming Easter Long Weekend on April 7. Credit: James Andermahr via Storyful