'Be Kind, Be Safe, and Stay Home': Pint-Size News Anchor Delivers Coronavirus Update

A seven-year-old New Zealander presented a mock news report in her home on March 29, providing viewers with important information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harriet Grainger-Allen stepped into the shoes of a news anchor for a school project at Ngakuru School. In the report, the pupil told viewers to stay safe by remaining at home when possible and by keeping a safe distance from others in public.

She also decorated a pumpkin to replicate a coronavirus particle, bringing it to the attention of viewers during the course of the footage.

Her father, Colin, recorded the mock broadcast before posting it on his Twitter page.

Speaking to Storyful, he said, “Traditionally at this time of year, the children grow and decorate a pumpkin. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the children have been decorating their project pumpkins at home. Harriet decided to turn her pumpkin into a replica Coronavirus cell using whatever she could find. Luckily, she found some paint and spiky plants in the garden.”

He added, “Harriet decided to create a video for her class, explaining the virus and why it is important to stay home. She dressed in her sister’s old horse-riding jacket, a shirt, a tie, and glasses from a dress-up box. This completed the news-reader look she wanted.” Credit: Colin Grainger-Allen via Storyful