Korean Businesses Spray Disinfectant as Coronavirus Cases Nearly Double

Businesses in South Korea have been demonstrating their efforts to disinfect their businesses as the number of Coronavirus cases leapt in the country on February 22.

A boxing gym in Cheongdam-dong posted a video to Instagram showing them spraying disinfectant as part of a weekly routine. Boxingmentorschoolcd told Storyful the disinfection was done due to the coronavirus threat.

Other businesses have posted videos to social media showing their disinfection efforts, including a restaurant in Siheung-si and a gym in Daegu.

An additional 142 cases of coronavirus were reported by the Korean Centre for Disease Control on February 22, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 346. The number is a significant increase from the total of 204 cases in the country reported the day before.

Two people have died from the coronavirus in South Korea.

More than 100 cases have been linked to the Sincheonji church in Korea’s fourth-largest city of Daegu, which has been declared a “special care zone”. Residents have been urged to avoid going outdoors and to wear masks.

There have been 75,465 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 2,236 deaths in China, according to the country’s health authorities in a statement made on February 21. Credit: boxingmentorschoolcd via Storyful