Little Boy With Down Syndrome Comforts Baby Brother

Oakley Peterson, a mom of four, shared a heartwarming video of her son Welles comforting his baby brother in their Utah home on October 3.

Oakley was struggling to get her youngest son Alek to calm down when she noticed her son Welles, who has Down syndrome, offering to help.

“Welles climbed up into the chair and said ‘Mom… baby?,’ with his arms stretched out,” Peterson told Storyful.

“As soon as I handed him over he calmed. Welles cuddled him, as I sat watching and thinking yet again, man, this kid is magical,” Peterson added.

Since being shared on October 3, the video amassed more than 3 million views and 65,000 shares. Credit: Instagram/nothingdownaboutit via Storyful