Local Police Assist Civilians in Flooded Lanzhou

Torrential rain hit China’s north central Gansu province on July 20, leaving the streets of capital city Lanzhou flooded.

This footage shows a glimpse of the flooded streets as well as the work of members of the Gongjiawan Public Security Traffic Police, a local traffic brigade in Lanzhou servicing the Gongjiawan residential district. In one of the clips, a policeman empties water that has accumulated in his boots and in another, a group assist a woman who was hit by construction baffles that collapsed in the rain by the intersection of Jianshe and Wuwei Road.

According to a China News Network report, multiple vehicles in the city were washed away by floodwaters, and rainfall in areas of the city was expected to reach 2 inches or more. Credit: Gongjiawan Public Security Traffic Police via Storyful