London Soccer Club Founder Suffers Painful End to Goal Celebration

A winning goal for the team he founded left Londoner Bobby Kasanga both delighted and in pain on October 9, as he fell while celebrating a victory on the sidelines for his beloved Hackney Wick Football Club.

A game between his team and May & Baker Eastbrook Community Football Club finished 2-1, with a late goal for Kasanga’s side proving to be the match-winner.

“It was 1-1 with minutes to go and our player scored the winner, so I went to go and join in the celebrations,” Kasanga told Storyful.

The club’s Twitter account posted footage of Kasanga’s effort to get involved in the celebration. However, what the footage also shows is that, in his exuberance, he ended up falling on his backside with a thump.

Hackney Wick FC’s place in its London neighborhood, and Kasanga’s role within the club, have been noted by numerous media reports in the UK.

The Telegraph wrote in March 2018, “This was a club set up to challenge the supremacy of crime, to give proper alternative to gang culture. By locking the club into the community, the intention is to address the growing dislocation between the youth and the mainstream where criminality festers. Thus everyone who joins has to guarantee to do a minimum of two hours a month voluntary work in Hackney.” Credit: Bobby Kasanga via Storyful