Man Enters Welsh Supermarket in Underpants to Protest Ban on 'Nonessential' Shopping

A resident of Newport, Wales, engaged in a brief protest of the Welsh government’s recent ban on shopping for nonessential items by attempting to enter a Tesco supermarket wearing only underpants, socks, and sneakers on October 24.

Scantily clad Christopher Noden, filmed and supported by his wife, Dawn, can be seen jockeying to enter the Tesco with a shopping cart before he is stopped by a store security guard.

“Clothes have been deemed in Wales nonessential,” Dawn says to the guard, who replies, “Take it up with the government then.”

New shopping restrictions are part of a “firebreak” period to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Wales, but store owners and consumers have reported feeling frustrated and confused by the guidelines. Locals report seeing open stores such as supermarkets cordoning off “nonessential” shelves with plastic sheeting or tape.

The Nodens tell the security guard several times that Christopher should be allowed to enter, as clothing has been deemed “nonessential.”

The guard eventually says, “It’s essential that you dress when you come in here.”

Dawn then says, “There you go – clothes are essential,” before the couple leave.

“We didn’t for 1 second think it would make a difference, but it’s lighthearted fun whilst proving a point, that the nonessential items list is ridiculous,” Dawn told Storyful.

Electrical goods, telephones, toys and games, garden products, and clothes are all considered nonessential under the new ban, which will be in place until November 9. Credit: Dawn Noden via Storyful