Man Freaks Out Over Getting First Pick in NBA Fantasy Basketball League

The stars aligned for Menachem Jarred Randall when he pulled the playing card granting “first pick” of player in his friend group’s NBA fantasy basketball league.

After turning the card that gave him prime position, Menachem whooped with excitement and shouted “I can’t believe it!”

His friend Nicolas Espinosa described the scene: “We all immediately lost it after seeing his face and reaction. The more excitement he showed, the harder we would laugh.”

A fantasy team is made up of mainly randomly-selected NBA players, and according to ESPN their real-life performance dictates how well the fantasy team does. Menachem’s lucky card granted him the distinct advantage of getting first choice of strong player to help his team. Crucially, though, it didn’t guarantee his overall victory. This group of friends had a great deal left to play for. Credit: Nicolas Espinosa via Storyful