Matrix 4 Filming Brings Low-Flying Helicopters and Late-Night Explosions to San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco resembled a “war zone” on February 22, as helicopters flew through the streets and pyrotechnics shocked onlookers during filming for the upcoming movie Matrix 4.

Resident Alberto Tretti was on the corner of Market and Pine streets when he recorded a bit of the action and posted it to his Twitter with a caption reading, “Matrix 4 creating a war zone in downtown San Francisco.”

The footage shows two low-flying helicopters hovering above the street for a few moments before an explosion goes off, lighting up the night sky as other people stand on the sidewalk to observe.

“It was pretty amazing. You don’t get to see this kind of scene every day. I did not expect the helicopters to fly so low in the middle of the high-rises,” Tretti told Storyful.

An alert issued by mass notification service AlertSF made locals aware of the filming so they could plan accordingly. Credit: Alberto Tretti via Storyful