Medical Professional Asks For Donations From the Public Outside of New York's Elmhurst Hospital as Coronavirus Cases Grow

A medical professional spoke to Queens residents and media outlets outside of New York’s Elmhurst Hospital on March 26 about the need for donations from the public that include medical gloves, masks, and food supplies.

As coronavirus cases continued to surge in New York City, health care workers in the area have begun to feel the pressure due to dwindling medical supplies, according to reports.

The New York Department of Health recorded cases of coronavirus in the state as of Thursday, March 27, with 25,398 of the cases concentrated in New York City.

At Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, 13 people died in a 24-hour period, according to local media reports. Staff at the hospital expressed concern about the lack of supplies and readiness as they continue to treat a growing number of COVID-19 patients.

The video, shot by Numa Roades, shows a man identified as Dr. Brandon asking for donations of supplies to hospitals across New York City but also asking for people to look after one another.

“Right now we need hope and not fear. I urge neighbors to look after neighbors, parents look after other parents,” said Dr. Brandon. “What we need is for you to look after your community and to dig for resources in any which way you can to get the responders that are here the protection they need.”

Four Queens residents were also interviewed in the video and they all expressed concern about the relaxed social-distancing attitudes of some of the locals. A man identified as Wilson Garzon said elderly people were walking around the neighborhood unaccompanied and people were playing in the park just on the other side of the hospital. Credit: Numa Roades via Storyful