Michigan Police Praise 'Heroic Individuals' Who Saved Toddler From Drowning in Hotel Pool

Police in Livonia, Michigan, have released unsettling CCTV footage of a two-year-old child’s near drowning in a hotel pool on January 24.

According to police, the young boy was found unresponsive after a nine-year-old girl noticed him motionless in the pool and told her grandmother, who “screamed for others to call 911” before she dove into the pool and pulled the boy out.

Police said two off-duty nurses, who were staying at the hotel at the time, performed CPR on the child, successfully resuscitating him after many cycles.

The two-year-old was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated and released.

Police said the four individuals involved in the rescue have been nominated to receive the department’s highest civilian honor: the Livonia Police Department Exceptional Service Award. Credit: Livonia Police Department via Storyful