Monte Carlo Firefighters and Well-Meaning Father Douse Burning Ferrari

As a valuable vintage Ferrari was engulfed in flames on a street in Monte Carlo on February 18, a well-meaning father with a garden hose was captured on video trying to put out the raging fire from a balcony by his son.

Arthur Trehet recorded footage of his father attempting to douse the flames destroying the vintage Ferrari F40 before firefighters arrived on the scene in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The vehicle, which is reportedly worth more than $1 million, belongs to a man “known in Monaco for his taste for luxury cars,” Trehet told Storyful.

Trehet captured footage from the street as his father stood on his apartment balcony, trying to fight the fire.

Trehet also recorded footage of firefighters from his balcony.

According to automobile publications, the fire spread quickly and within minutes it had consumed the Ferrari.

Trehet’s footage cuts off as the firefighters have the blaze under control, but Twitter posts showed the vehicle completely covered in water and foam, with a mostly charred exterior.

Although no injuries were reported, hearts of car enthusiasts around the world broke as images of the vintage supercar burning to a crisp went viral. Credit: Arthur Trehet via Storyful