Multiple People Injured After Mass Shooting in Toronto

At least one person was killed and eight others were injured a mass shooting in Toronto, Canada on Sunday, July 22.

The attack reportedly happened just after 10pm in the city’s Greektown area near the corner of Danforth Avenue and Logan Avenue, Global News reported.

The gunman shot himself after shooting at police, the report said.

These videos were filmed by eyewitness Maja Muratovic. The first clip shows police at the scene in Danforth Avenue. Muratovic told Storyful the second clip shows Danforth Avenue before police arrived, in between shots.

Writing on Facebook, she said witnesses initially thought the gunshots were fireworks. “Walking along Danforth Avenue, I got myself into middle of real shooting,” she wrote. “People were still walking, thinking it was fireworks. But it was severe gunshots. Not sure what happened as I hurried home. Thank you God for saving me. I went back to the apartment to pick up bottle of water and that saved me from being right in the middle of shooting. I hope not too many people were hurt.” Credit: Maja Muratovic via Storyful