National Guard Troops Take in Sights of US Capitol Building Rotunda

National Guard troops took in the sights of the US Capitol building in Washington, on January 13, during President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings and a week after protesters had stormed the building.

Footage taken by Instagram user @u.s.grant_ shows troops inside the Capitol Rotunda. “A bipartisan group of members and staff are giving tours to National Guard troops from their states,” @u.s.grant_ told Storyful.

According to The Hill, one tour guide was Rep. Brian Mast, who gave a tour to roughly two dozen troops.

The large deployment of troops inside and outside the building came one week after a deadly attack on the Capitol following a pro-Trump rally.

Officials said the number of National Guard troops deployed to the city would increase to at least 10,000 by Saturday, up from an initial deployment of 6,200 from Washington and five nearby states, to increase security ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20. Credit: @u.s.grant_ via Storyful