Nor'easter Storm Batters North Carolina Coast With Strong Winds and Storm Surge

A blustery winter cyclone known as a Nor’easter brought winds of up to 35 mph and waves as high as 22 feet along the coast of North Carolina, local media reported.

In a video shared by the Cape Hatteras Motel, located in Buxton, a small island off the coast of North Carolina, sea water can be seen flooding toward the motel buildings as large waves crash on shore. The storm surge goes under the buildings and spills onto land behind the motel.

Authorities at the motel wrote: “Not a terrific morning…but we’ll get it all cleaned up once the storm passes.”

The nor’easter was scheduled to bring rain and wind to the entire east coast, with sleet, freezing rain and ice possible farther inland, the National Weather Service said. It "added’: that gusts of up to 45 mph were possible through November 17. Credit: Cape Hatteras Motel via Storyful