North Yorkshire SUV Driver Gets Into Deep Water in Hair-Raising Video

Mark Douglas is the proud owner of a Nissan Terrano that’s adapted for driving in water. He gave a hair-raising example of what the vehicle can do recently along a stretch of road near the flooded River Aire at Fairburn Ings.

Douglas’s vehicle is fitted with a snorkel, which raises the engine’s air intake, explaining how he continued to drive even as the water reached his windscreen.

Douglas posted video of his adventure on Facebook, where comments ranged from those in awe, to those questioning the wisdom of what he was doing. He felt compelled to respond, saying, “I am an experienced driver, a very experienced driver actually. My vehicle is altered and prepared in such a way that it can handle a situation like [this] quite comfortably regardless of my nerves.”

Despite all that experience, Douglas did admit, “I nearly pooped my pants at the end bit lol, it got very very deep at the end!”

It certainly did. Credit: Mark Douglas via Storyful