One Nation's Hanson Slams Shorten for 'Soft' Sri Lanka Response

Queensland One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson called out Labor leader Bill Shorten on Monday, April 22, for his “soft” response to the Easter Sunday hotel and church attacks in Sri Lanka.

Hanson called the attack, which killed more than 200 people and wounded hundreds more, “an attack on Christianity”.

“When the massacre happened in New Zealand, Bill Shorten actually came out and said that 50 people were murdered, and he also said people have a right to live in a quiet neighbourhood and worship their god without a deranged terrorist attacking them,” she said. “When the massacre happened in New Zealand you came out tough against it.”

She accused Shorten of having a comparatively “soft approach” to the Sri Lanka attacks, saying he was not prepared to “come out tough” against the “fundamentalist ideology of Islam.”

“This was not an attack against humanity, it was an attack against Christianity,” she said.

Commenters on the post also made allegations about the supposed disparity in the response to the attack on Catholic churches in Sri Lanka compared to the Christchurch mosque shooting.

No group has claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks at time of writing, however, reports indicate top security officials were issued an advisory about a potential threat to churches from a radical Islamic group 10 days before the attack. Credit: Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain via Storyful