Orca Gripping Meal in Its Mouth Amazes Whale Watchers

Passengers on a California whale-watching tour experienced a jaw-dropping moment recently when an orca brought its fresh kill over to their boat and swam alongside the vessel near San Diego.

In a video posted to Instagram on February 21, an orca, also known as a killer whale, can be seen swimming alongside the Gone Whale Watching tour boat, holding a sizable catch in its mouth.

One of the passengers can be heard exclaiming, “Oh, my God,” quickly followed up by a “no way,” as they look on in amazement.

Orcas – found in every ocean around the world – are commonly referred to as killer whales, but they are members of the dolphin family.

This experience was captured during one of Gone Whale Watching’s extended offshore trips, which the captain says “are your best chance at encountering something magical.” Credit: gonewhalewatching via Storyful