Oregon Zoo's Old-Timer Leopard Gets a Little Help Scratching His Back

A 19-year-old Amur leopard at the Portland, Oregon Zoo can’t groom himself like he used to, but luckily, his caretakers are there to help.

In a video shared on the zoo’s Twitter page, Borris the leopard can be seen enjoying a back scratch from one of his caretakers. According to the zoo, Borris can not clean himself like he once could, due to his age, but the staff are there to help. The caregivers hold a bamboo backscratcher through the gate and Borris always lets them know the exact spots to get.

According to the zoo, Borris is one of the older Amur leopards on the planet. As of writing, the footage has over 3,000 views and over 200 likes on Twitter. Credit: Oregon Zoo via Storyful