Over 180 Islamic State Fighters Arrested in Anbar, Iraqi Officials Say

186 men suspected of involvement with the Islamic State were arrested in an operation that has led to the dismantling of an IS cell in Anbar province, Iraqi news reported on February 11.

The Iraqi Directorate of Intelligence and Counterterrorism announced the arrests of the men, who were accused of having taken part in operations against Iraqi forces.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Saad Maan, said that 186 Islamic State suspects were arrested and that the majority to them had confessed to crimes against ِAnbar residents and police from 2015 to 2019.

The suspects, including IS leaders, were allegedly involved in car bombings, handling explosive devises, and killing Iraqi policemen and soldiers, Maan said.

Footage here shows men dressed in yellow uniforms being led to a room where they are made to kneel, handcuffed, by counterterrorism officers. Credit: Osama al-Dulaimi via Storyful