Papua New Guinea Authorities Dismantle Shelters at Manus Detention Centre

Papua New Guinea (PNG) authorities dismantled refugee shelters on November 10 in the recently shut down Manus Regional Processing Centre, as seen in this footage.

On November 9, a warning letter was issued by PNG immigration authorities to the refugees remaining behind. The letter, shared with Storyful, said the demolition of the compound would begin that day and that refugees must evacuate or risk being arrested. The letter said force may be used to remove refugees.

Two days later, Manus Island’s police commander stated force would not be used, according to ABC.

The men remaining on Manus have built wells as they ran out of water after the closure. Power has also been cut.

“Death or serious illness is inevitable in coming days. These men are sick, thirsty and hungry. The conditions are appalling and it’s obvious you wouldn’t choose to stay here if you thought you could be safer elsewhere," said GetUp human rights co-director Shen Narayanasamy, who was smuggled into the camp after its closure to offer assistance. Credit: Manus Alert via Storyful