Passers-By Flip Over Burning Car to Rescue Driver Trapped After Crash

Police in Chester County praised the actions of a number of citizens who came to the aid of a driver who was trapped under his burning car after crashing into the parking lot of an elementary school on March 14.

Police said that faculty members of the Saints Simon and Jude School used fire extinguishers to stop the fire from spreading, while a number of other people helped police officers to flip the vehicle, freeing the driver.

The car was said to have crashed into a number of parked cars while school was in session. One of the parked vehicles that was hit struck the school building in turn. The driver was taken to hospital. No students or faculty members were reported injured.

This footage shows scenes of the rescue, taken from the dashcam of a police car at the scene. Credit: Westtown-East Goshen Regional Police via Storyful