Photographer Captures Incredible Timelapse of Genoa Waterspouts

Photographer Lorenzo Patrone captured stunning timelapse footage of multiple waterspouts swirling just beyond Genoa, Italy’s landmark 16th-century lighthouse on November 7.

The video shows the weather phenomena spinning just off the city’s waterfront, over the Ligurian Sea.

The waterspouts’ proximity to the city prompted the President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, to postpone fireworks scheduled for later that evening.

Toti tweeted, “As you can see from the pictures, a new wave of #maltempo [bad weather] is affecting #Genova. This is why we decided to postpone the party in Piazza De Ferrari and the fireworks scheduled today at 7pm.” The celebration was to mark the premiere of the musical Add a Seat to the Table at the Teatro Carlo Felice theater in Genoa.

Genoa has been hit by storms in the past few days, with flooding in the region on November 3 as well as hailstorms and whirlwinds, local media reported.

No structural damage or injuries were reported as a result of the November 7 waterspouts. Credit: Lorenzo Patrone via Storyful