Police Discover 'Underworld Prison With Torture Chamber' in Dutch Town

Six men were arrested after police discovered what they described as an “underworld prison and torture chamber” in a warehouse in Wouwse Plantage in Noord-Brabant on June 22.

Dutch Police said they found “seven shipping containers converted into cells and torture chambers.”

Inside were a dentist chair and handcuffs, as well as a chemical toilet, police clothing, and bags of items “believed to be used to torture or at least pressure victims.”

Police also said cells had a camera mounted in the corner to “keep a clear view of the situation.”

This video released by Politie Landelijke Eenheid shows the police operation as they enter the building in Wouwse Plantage and make the discovery of the chairs, chemical toilet and police clothing, opening the containers one-by-one. It also shows the arrests of some men in Rotterdam.

The suspects were arrested following a Franco-Dutch operation, which allowed police to read “more than 20 million chat messages from criminals.”

The police also found a second building in Rotterdam, which they believe was intended as a base for criminal activity. Credit: Politie Landelijke Eenheid via Storyful