Police Renew Calls for Information About Martin Meffert Murder

South Australia Police have renewed calls for information into the murder of Martin Meffert, who went missing in February 2005.

Detective Superintendent Des Bray said Meffert, 23, led a “transient” lifestyle, was on a disability pension and had numerous health issues. He was never reported missing and his disability pension, amounting to over $130,000, continued to be withdrawn from his bank account fortnightly from 2005 until the week prior to his remains being discovered.

Meffert’s remains were found in a box placed in a bag on October 24, 2013, inside a fireplace in Terowie. Police had attended the property to search for illegal firearms, instead finding parts of his skeletal remains. The property belongs to Meffert’s cousin.

“It is more likely than not that more than one person was involved” in his death and theft, said Det. Supt. Bray.

Investigators had headed to Terowie to conduct letterbox drops, doorknocking and placing posters around town. Police have offered a $200,000 reward for information. Credit: SA Police via Storyful