Police in Rural Amritsar Buy Out Elderly Produce Vendor's Stock, Then Distribute Vegetables

Police in Amritsar, a city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab, assisted an elderly vegetable seller by purchasing all of his wares and giving him hand sanitizer before sending him home to shelter in place, video shared March 25 shows.

They then distributed the fresh food to the local population.

The text accompanying the video posted by Amritsar Rural Police said that “duty asked them to send the seller home, while humanity said that he couldn’t go empty-handed!”

The video of the officers with the Amritsar Rural Police carrying out the good deed brought praise from Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, who posted the clip on Twitter, commenting: “Well done!”

According to NDTV, the police loaded the seller’s vegetables into a jeep and delivered them to “men, women and children from economically weaker sections of society in need of basic supplies.”

As of midnight on March 24, India was placed under a 21-day nationwide lockdown.

According to local reports, the curfew was slightly relaxed in certain areas of Punjab the following day from 6 am to 9 am for buying milk, vegetables, and fruit and from 8 am to 11 am for purchasing medicine. Nevertheless, over 100 people were arrested throughout the state on March 25 for curfew violations, India Today reported.

India has confirmed 606 infections and 11 deaths due to the virus, as of March 25. Credit: Amritsar Rural Police via Storyful