Portland Police Kneel in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Protesters

A group of police officers in Portland, Oregon, kneeled, on May 31, after being asked by protesters to show their upset over the death of George Floyd.

Paige Barletta filmed a video that shows protesters gathered peacefully in Multnomah County Justice Center, when members of the group begin speaking with an officer about Floyd’s death.

“When we saw the video, we were all upset. It’s bounced back 20 years,” the policeman says to a protester.

“Could you take a knee to prove it?” the protester asks the officer. “Everyone single one of you take one knee to prove it.”

The officer returns to the group of police and the officers decide to kneel down. The crowd of protesters claps and cheers, yelling “thank you” while shaking the officers’ hands.

Barletta told Storyful that the good sentiment did not last. Local media reported that May 31’s protests ended with tension as police fired stun grenades and tear gas, with protesters responding with vandalism. Credit: Paige Barletta via Storyful