Portuguese Police Blast 'Happy Birthday to You' Across Street for Self-Isolating Grandmother's 61st Birthday

A grandmother in Castelo Branco, Portugal, had a memorable moment of connection on her 61st birthday despite worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns, thanks to a thoughtful group of police officers.

Footage shared to Facebook by the Public Security Police’s Castelo Branco District Command on March 29 shows police officers playing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ from a cruiser – much to the delight of 61-year-old Dona Fátima Graça, who watched the scene unfold from the balcony of her apartment above the street.

The clip shows Graça, her six-year-old granddaughter, and a man wave to police officers as the song blasts from the street.

As of March 31, Portugal reported 7,443 positive cases of COVID-19, and 160 deaths. Credit: Comando Distrital de Castelo Branco via Storyful