Protesters Fight Back as Police Use Water Cannons During Hong Kong University Clash

Hong Kong riot police used water cannons to repel a large crowd gathered at the corner of Chatham Road South and Cheong Wan Road on Sunday, November 17, during a standoff which continued into the early hours of November 18.

The area is close to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which was the fulcrum of demonstrations on Sunday, during which police also used tear gas, in an attempt to disrupt protesters, who had occupied the facility for days.

This footage was shot by Australian James Hunter on Sunday afternoon. He told Storyful, “This scene repeated at least 10 times. The trucks didn’t make it quite so far on each occasion though. It seemed like a lot of the force being applied at this stage was either for show, to intimidate, or as a distraction whilst they assembled at the rear.”

Hunter added that this was “where they attacked from until late into the evening.” Earlier on November 17 a bridge linking the university to a nearby station was set alight, while one officer was reportedly hit by an arrow.

The South China Morning Post called the area surrounding the university a “war zone” as “police laid siege”. Credit: James Hunter via Storyful