Protesters Rally in New York Against Amazon Ties to ICE

Protesters gathered in New York on Monday, July 15, to protest against Amazon and their relationship with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The protest was one of several across the country at the start of Prime Day, Amazon’s annual sale, amid reports of nationwide ICE raids. Activists have criticized Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud-computing subsidiary, for using servers to host Palantir, the Silicon Valley data mining company that enables ICE to carry out deportations, Patch reported.

Jagpreet Singh of Chhaya CDC, a social services organization, spoke to the crowd in New York outside 212 5th Avenue, a building that houses an apartment owned by Jeff Bezos, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We have seen what corporate speculation does to our neighborhoods, like its gutted Jackson Heights and what its currently doing in Jamaica,” said Singh. “We’ve seen through talking to our small business partners how Amazon’s unscrupulous practices have destroyed small businesses across New York City. But today, here, we’re here to call our their most insidious partnership: the one they made with ICE.” Credit: Chhaya CDC via Storyful