A Purr-fect Spa Day: Little Girls Pamper Orange Tabby Cat

Erin Merryn’s daughters Abby, 5, and Hannah, 3, treated their new orange tabby, Carrot, to a kitten spa day in their Elgin, Illinois, home on August 17, 2019.

Carrot seems not just game, but truly relaxed in the video, where she’s wrapped in a blanket and nestled in a tiny chair, a fluffy pink cap atop her head. Abby and Hannah give her a head “massage” with a wooden device as she sips fresh drinking water from a glass.

Erin Merryn surprised her daughters with the kitten after the death of their old cat, Bailey, the subject of the book Bailey, No Ordinary Cat.

According to Carrot’s Instagram page, she is related to Bailey. She clearly is likewise far from ordinary. Credit: Erin Merryn via Storyful