Queensland Bug Enthusiasts Handle 10-Inch Stick Insect

Amateur entomologist Lisa Van Kula Donovan and her son proudly showed off the largest of her three pet titan stick insects on Wednesday, September 11.

A healthy female titan stick insect can grow to be up to 10.2 inches. Titans are parthenogenetic, which means they do not need to mate with a male to produce viable offspring.

Van Kula Donovan has previously told Storyful she’s on a mission to show that when handled carefully, bugs are not to be feared.

In this footage, Van Kula Donovan asks her son, “Should anybody be scared of stick insects?” He responds by saying “no.”

Van Kula Donovan can be seen handling many types of insects and spiders on her Instagram page. Credit: wannabe_entomologist via Storyful