Queensland Family's Pineapple Farm Destroyed by Wildfire

The Brooks & Sons family pineapple farm in Queensland was devastated by a bushfire raging in the Bungundarra area on Sunday, November 10, with equipment, planting, sheds and the original farmhouse all destroyed in the blaze.

Ryan Brooks, a son of the original owner, returned to the site to survey the damage. His video shows numerous burn-out vehicles, buildings, and pieces of equipment. Brooks said he’d been able to save his house, but estimated the damage at around 600,000 Australian dollars.

He said his father had been working the farm for 50 years.

Firefighters continued to battle the Bungundarra blaze on Monday, November 11, warning local residents to leave the area.

Dozens of fires were burning in Queensland and New South Wales, with authorities warning there could be worse to come on November 12. Credit: Ryan Brooks of Brooks and Sons via Storyful