Rescued Sea Turtles Can't Contain Excitement During Feeding Time

Rescued sea turtles at a sanctuary in Brazil could not control their excitement when they realized it was feeding time.

Footage by Natalia Cara de Medeiros, who runs a YouTube account called Naty’s Adventures, shows the turtles jumping and splashing in the pool as they are about to receive a feed at the Tamar Marine Turtle Praia do Forte Project.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles in Brazilian waters.

“Teaching people about the animal and why we need to protect them, even more so if they get to actually see the animal and/or work that is done, it creates a special place in their hearts, especially children,” de Medeiros told Storyful.

“If you love an animal, you will to protect them, and that is the most powerful tool we have in conservation.” Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful

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