Rescuers Use Hammer to Free Puppy Trapped Between Two Brick Walls

A Flemington family had to call an animal rescuer to free a 12-week-old puppy named Pixie on December 12 after she somehow found herself lodged between two brick walls.

The Herald Sun reported the English setter was playing in the family’s backyard when she became stuck around midday.

Owner Davydd Griffiths told the Sun: “She is a very naughty little pup … she was out playing and having a little adventure when she got stuck. I don’t know how she managed it but she has jumped into this gap and got wedged between two solid brick walls.”

Unable to coax her out, Griffiths called animal rescuer Nigel Williamson, who used a hammer and drill to smash an opening big enough for the pooch to crawl through. Pixie was freed around 4:30pm and was reported as being in good health. Credit: Facebook/Nigel’s Animal Rescue and Pest Control via Storyful