Rodent Spotted Gnawing at Sliced Cheese in Illinois Supermarket

A rodent in Alsip, Illinois, somehow made its way into the pre-packaged cheese section of a Food 4 Less, according to footage posted to YouTube on October 9.

Christopher Allison was making a late night grocery run when he noticed the small animal.

The video shows the critter, most likely a rat or a mouse, trying to eat through the plastic wrapping to get to the cheese. Allison had a relatively light-hearted reaction to the incident, and can be heard saying, “That rat knows what it’s getting into… he’s ignoring me, you know he’s hungry,” while remaining calm.

However, John Ryan, the mayor of Alsip, did not have the same reaction. A post on the Village of Aslip Facebook page stated that Ryan and other officials involved have made sure that, “the original products were destroyed, the display was sanitized, pest control was dispatched and the pest control log book was up to date and reflected 2 visits this week to address the vermin issue” in the supermarket. Credit: Christopher Allison via Storyful