Rookie Maryland Police Officer Plunges Into Icy Pond During Water Rescue

Emergency responders in Prince George’s County, Maryland, saved three people and a police officer who were submerged in an icy pond on Sunday, January 21.

Prince George’s County police officers Tim Tully and Rion Robinson were dispatched to rescue three men who had fallen through ice at a local pond. When Tully, who had only worked at the department for 14 days, attempted to pull the three men from the water, he fell through the ice and became submerged.

Local media report that Tully, who remained in the water for five minutes, managed to drag himself and one of the men from the icy water. A dashcam video shared by the Prince George’s County Police Department shows officer Tully falling into the lake.

Tully and two of the men were treated for hypothermia. Police say the third man immediately left the scene. Credit: Prince George’s County Police Department via Storyful