Russian Investigators Say Two Women Charged as Baby 'Given Away' at Airport

Russian investigators said two women were facing human trafficking charges after a woman in Omsk gave her child to a teacher from St Petersburg whom she met online. Investigators released video of the transfer of the child, at a local airport.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said that the 25-year-old mother was unable to support her newborn daughter, and decided to give her away. The mother answered a post from a couple seeking to adopt a baby, they said. The teacher arrived in Omsk, and, with the help of false documents, was able to take the child back to St Petersburg.

The Western-Siberian Investigation Department said it had completed an investigation, which resulted in the two women being charged.

The case was sent to court for examination, local reports said. Credit: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation via Storyful