San Francisco Commuters Forced to Walk in Dark Tunnels After BART Breakdown

Commuters on San Francisco’s BART were forced to evacuate a train and walk through a dark tunnel to Oakland’s 12th Street Station after a disabled train blocked tracks on Monday, June 24.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that hundreds of commuters had to walk through the tunnels when one of BART’s new “fleet of the future” trains malfunctioned in Oakland.

The train was reported to have been stalled for about an hour before the train’s passengers were evacuated and by 11.15 am, all 421 passengers had left the train.

Video captured by a commuter shows passengers disembarking the train and walking to Oakland’s City Center Station.

The disabled train caused major delays in Oakland throughout Monday morning, BART said. Eventually, it was removed after being moved in reverse to the Lake Merritt Station. Credit: Jeff Estrellanes via Storyful