Seal of Approval: Curious Pinniped Gets Up Close and Personal With Diver

A scuba diver and a friendly seal spent some quality time together beneath the waters of the North Sea, heartwarming footage shared on September 21 shows.

Video tweeted by Ben Burville, a scuba diver who spends plenty of time in the waters close to the Farne Islands, shows the seal giving what looks like a high-five and sniffing around his goggles.

“I always see ‘eye to eye’ with my #DiveBuddy,” Burville tweeted.

Burville, a scuba diver who works as a doctor in the coastal town of Amble, Northumberland, by day, has built up a rapport with seals in the area after nearly 20 years diving among them. Credit: Ben Burville via Storyful

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