Severe Weather Causes Treacherous Driving Conditions in North Texas

A search-and-rescue team out on the road during severe weather near Bowie, Texas, on May 22, showed just how treacherous driving conditions were as a suspected tornado passed through the area.

The video from Ryan Nichols and Alex Harkrider of Rescue the Universe shows the pair driving through heavy rainfall and lightning in pitch darkness on the road with zero visibility ahead of them.

The pair were forced to pull over for their safety, and Nichols said the storm was so strong it rocked the truck from side to side for a few moments.

Substantial damage to buildings and trees was reported in Bowie, roughly 95 miles northwest of Dallas, according to local media.

The National Weather Service had issued multiple tornado warnings for the area and said severe thunderstorms and two-inch hail were reported across the county. Credit: Rescue the Universe via Storyful