Sisterly Love Put to the Test as Adorable Toddlers Share Ice Cream at Palm Beach, Australia

The art of ice cream eating is serious business according to two young sisters in Sydney who shared a beachside chocolate Paddle Pop in palpable silence.

Stephanie Hunt filmed her daughters, three-year-old Clementine and one-year-old Matilda, during an intense stare-off at Sydney’s picturesque Palm Beach.

“After a walk on the beach it was time to share an ice cream. The girls were so fixated on the ice cream they didn’t say a word – but there was plenty of stern eye contact going on!” Hunt told Storyful.

The video shows older sister, Clementine, repeatedly taking a bite and then offering the ice cream to her eager younger sister. The young girls were “very good at showing sisterly love and taking turns”, however Hunt added, “I think the big sister won when it comes to who got the most ice cream”. Credit: Stephanie Hunt via Storyful