Slow Lorises Return to Rainforest After Rescue From Illegal Pet Trade

International Animal Rescue (IAR) has returned 15 slow lorises to a rainforest in West Java, having rescued the animals from Indonesia’s illegal pet trade. Footage shared by IAR on February 20 shows the animals returning to their natural habitat.

According to the IAR, the nocturnal animals will spend between two and four weeks in a habituation cage in Mount Sawal Protected Forest as they readjust to life in the wild.

The five males of the group go by the names Jagara, Dores, Gaza, Rusma and Budiman, while the 10 females are Cisa, Gemblong, Kumal, Jona, Gini, Elsa, Also, Kucel, At and Lola.

The IAR said that the primates were all victims of the illegal pet trade and had been confiscated “during law enforcement operations conducted by the police force in Bandung and Tasikmalaya, West Java in 2016.” Since then they have been undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the IAR’s primate center in Bogor. Credit: International Animal Rescue via Storyful