Small Plane Crashes Onto Bridge in Miami

A small plane crashed onto a bridge and caught fire in the Miami metro area on Saturday afternoon, May 14.

The crash happened on a bridge over the Haulover Inlet Bridge that connects Haulover Beach to Bal Harbour. The Bay Harbor Islands Police Department said the area would be closed to traffic as emergency services responded.

Footage taken from a nearby building shows smoke and flames leaping from the wreckage of the plane, as well as a vehicle on the bridge that sustained damage. People speaking in the background describe how they saw people getting out the plane. However, Storyful has not independently confirmed any of those details.

This is a developing story Credit: Alex Huberman via Storyful

Video Transcript


- Oh, I know, it's terrible. Why is he getting close, though? Is there someone in there?

- No.

- Both people managed to get out?

- I think three people. I think I saw three people get out.

- Did you guys see it land?

- No. We heard it, and then we came out.

- Oh, there's someone that's in there, very injured.


- Is this a [INAUDIBLE]


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