Spanish Coast Guard Video Shows Rescue of Two Migrants Treading Water in Alboran Sea

The Spanish coast guard, Salvamento Maritimo, released video on Sunday, June 17, showing the rescue of two men who were found treading water after their boat sank the previous evening on the Alboran Sea, the westernmost area of the Mediterranean.

The coast guard said on Sunday four men were rescued in total and that they were transferred to Almeria. It also said 47 people were aboard the sunken boat, and that searches were ongoing. However, the coast guard had provided no further updates by Monday evening.

Several other rescues were reported to have taken place between Friday and Monday in the Alboran Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar, and near the Canary Islands. A total of 1,412 people were rescued between these days, the coast guard said. Credit: Salvamento Maritimo via Storyful