Special Ramp Lets Werribee Zoo Boa Get Out and About on World Snake Day

Werribee Open Range Zoo marked World Snake Day on July 16 by unveiling a “snake ramp”, which gave the zoo’s Dumeril’s boas a chance to explore their surroundings.

According to the zoo, the two-metre ramp can be attached to the outside of an exhibit, and has wooden pegs to encourage the snakes to constrict and maneuver.

Zookeeper Malinda Delahunt said the ramp can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time and provides a number of benefits for the boas.

“The ramp gives the Dumeril’s boas choice and control. They are able to stretch out and exercise and they can choose when they want to come out and engage with zookeepers,” she said. Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful